Ocean Shipments

Sea Freight Without The Waves

For when time isn’t such an issue but cost is.


For those heavier, bulky items

For heavier, bulkier items. As a general guide, we tend to ship consignments that weigh more than 1000kg and will take up more than one cubic metre of space.

You can purchase either LCL (part of a container) or FCL (a full container load). Containers are either 20 or 40ft.

Call us to discuss your needs. To start with, we’ll ask you what you’re shipping, the number of pieces, and for its weight and dimensions.


Advice on how best to ship

We can work out whether special conditions apply. You may need an open-top container for an awkwardly-shaped object or a temperature-controlled environment for perishables.

Packaging may be necessary to protect your shipment and comply with regulations. You may need to adhere to biosecurity requirements. Ports may differ in how they operate.

We can help with all of these and more. For guidance and availability, get in touch.

How can we help you today?

Is this your first time bringing goods into the country? Need marine insurance cover? A third-party logistics supplier to store your goods? Are you struggling with red tape? We give advice and obligation-free quotes. Get in touch.

We do it all

Anything to do with importing or exporting, anything that travels internationally, we can handle on your behalf.

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