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200 years of combined experience

We’ve been a customs brokerage for thirty years and our six customs brokers are the backbone of our operation. Their knowledge and experience is vital in ensuring smooth passage of our clients’ precious cargo around the globe.

Regulations and procedures can be complex and can change, now more than ever. Our knowledge is always current. We’re aware of pitfalls that might see your consignment stuck in transit.

Save yourself unnecessary stress and delegate all or some of the formalities to us. We know the import and export requirements around customs, food safety, dangerous goods, product handling and packing, biosecurity and more.

Trust us for information and to get the job done. If issues arise with your shipment in a far-flung corner of the world, we can use our agency networks to connect you with government authorities similar to ours in New Zealand to get things sorted out.

If you need help navigating red tape or clearing items, get in touch. Every job matters - even if it’s clearing an item arriving by post.


Supporting our industry, maintaining our reputation

Omega are members of CBAFF (Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand), the professional organisation that represents the customs and freight forwarders industry.

As active members of CBAFF, we are committed to ensuring that our company maintains a good reputation within the industry and that our service levels and compliance to New Zealand laws and regulations are adhered to.

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Is this your first time bringing goods into the country? Need marine insurance cover? A third-party logistics supplier to store your goods? Are you struggling with red tape? We give advice and obligation-free quotes. Get in touch.

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