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Air Freight With Transparent Pricing

When time is more important than cost.


For time-sensitive deliveries

When time is critical. Air freight is often the choice to meet urgent customer or market demands. It’s a case of weighing up the cost of the shipment and the timeframe you have to get it to its destination. Often, if the consignment must arrive at a specific time or sending by sea would take too long, air freight is the only option regardless of the cost.

Air freight charges are calculated per kilogram and sea freight by cubic metre or tonne. Sometimes it just makes sense to send a consignment by air.

We can help you reach a decision as to whether to transport your item(s) by air or sea.


For items less than 50kg but not always

Sometimes, air freight is chosen for higher value, possibly fragile items that weigh less than 50kg but this isn’t always the case.

Goods airfreighted might include pharmaceutical products, perishables, veterinary products, ships’ spares or machine parts. They may also be larger items that must reach their destination to meet a tight deadline. We’ve sent vehicles and heavy machinery by air.

Clients will choose air freight if they can’t tolerate delays getting a product to market.


Is air freight right for my goods?

If you’re unsure whether your items should be exported or imported by air or sea, please contact us for guidance and a price comparison.

As well as weight, dimensions, number of pieces and so on, we’ll ask you what you’re moving and if the goods are perishable, hazardous or dangerous.

How can we help you today?

Is this your first time bringing goods into the country? Need marine insurance cover? A third-party logistics supplier to store your goods? Are you struggling with red tape? We give advice and obligation-free quotes. Get in touch.

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