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Import and Export
Anything to do with importing or exporting, anything that travels internationally, we can handle on your behalf.
Our six in-house customs brokers, several of whom have had over 40 years in the business, love simplifying the process for you. We’re all about offering options, tailoring our services to the varied needs of our clients.

If you’re time poor and don’t want any hassles, we can deliver your goods from door to door taking care of absolutely everything for you.
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Personal Effects and Household Shipments
We offer all sorts of options and can move your belongings between almost any two locations on the planet.
If you’re under time pressure, we provide a door-to-door service that covers everything. It includes quoting, packing, documentation, clearance, delivery, unpacking and placement into your new home and removal of packaging materials.

We can also arrange insurance for you if the goods are professionally packed.
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Carrier Services
For goods we handle internationally, we transport internally. We can include road, rail or coastal services to the final destination as part of the international movement.
Customs Consultancy
We can advise on and handle all or any of the formalities whether you’re shipping as a company or in a private capacity.
It can be a minefield if you’re unfamiliar with what’s required. What are the rules and regulations if I’m importing? Will there be duty or GST to pay?

How do I go about getting customs clearances? We’ll answer all your questions and help with the paperwork. For example, there could be charges to pay such as duty, GST, other taxes and tariffs.

We can help with Harmonised System (HS) Codes, advise on free trade agreements, preferential tariffs, shipping documentation, certificates of origin and so on.
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Export Packing
We can arrange to package your items for export to meet your customers’ requirements, to protect the goods on their journey and to comply with international standards
Marine Cargo Insurance
We provide advice and can organise insurance to cover anything you’re shipping internationally.
Storage and Distribution
Using our networks, we can match you with a third-party logistics company.
In most destinations, we have partners to assist with services such as storage, warehousing, packaging, maintaining inventories, merchandising and distribution of your products.
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Is this your first time bringing goods into the country? Need marine insurance cover? A third-party logistics supplier to store your goods? Are you struggling with red tape? We give advice and obligation-free quotes. Get in touch.

We do it all

Anything to do with importing or exporting, anything that travels internationally, we can handle on your behalf.